• Turkey Tail Mushroom Benefits, Plus Dosage And Side Effects

    As people continue to explore ways to improve the health benefits they can enjoy during everyday life, more and more people are turning to traditi...
  • The Best Medicinal Mushrooms For Health And Longevity

    Mushrooms have been used by humans for thousands of years as food and medicine. They belong to the Kingdom Fungi, which is older than both the p...
  • The Health Benefits Of Medicinal Mushrooms

    Many people associate mushrooms with food. However, several species of mushroom have medicinal properties that are just now being uncovered by the...
  • Medicinal Mushrooms Chart - Monograph By Health Canada

    There are over 150,000 species of mushrooms, including moulds and yeasts, with about 14,000 species that are known to man. Health Canada re...

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