• Trametes Versicolor: Turkey Tail Mushroom

    While some medicines are synthesized in a lab, others come from the plants, fungi, and animals around us. One example is turkey tail, a medicinal m...
  • Acai Smoothie Bowl With Red Reishi Mushrooms

    Chef Abbie Gellman is at it again with another fine recipe that is chock full of healthy goodness. This time, Chef Abbie is making an Acai Smoothi...
  • Cordyceps: An Original "Magic Mushroom"

    The cordyceps genus of fungi is cosmopolitan, with species on every continent except Antarctica [1]. It has a storied history in traditional Chines...
  • Coconut Energy Balls With Cordyceps

    Looking for a convenient food item that is irresistible and will keep your energy levels sustained throughout your workday? Look no further than o...

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