• Healing Smoothie That Boosts Immunity: Master Blend

    The Master Blend medicinal mushroom smoothie is a great way to start your day with immune-boosting ingredients! This healthy drink recipe was crea...
  • Beta-glucans In Medicinal Mushrooms: How Do They Work?

    Beta-glucans are sugar molecules that make up a large part of the cell walls of mushrooms. These beta-glucans can be found in many different types...
  • Introducing Qi Mushrooms: Rebranded For A Single Passion

    In an industry of many, Qi Traditions stands out. Not because we are the most popular or have the best marketing, but because of our singular focu...
  • Turn Your Coffee Into A Super Immune Booster With Reishi Mushrooms

    The word Reishi can be translated as "supernatural being of great power," which is a pretty accurate description of the effects that this mushroom...

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