About Qi Mushrooms

  • The Qi Mushrooms Story

    I’m Chester Ku-Lea, and as founder of Qi (pronounced 'chi') Mushrooms, I’d like to share my story. My journey as a healthy living entrepreneur began in 2004.

    I launched numerous wellbeing enterprises and what shocked me was the lack of standards in the health industry.

    From shoddy manufacturing, unethical practices, and harmful products marketed as miracles, here was a poor reward for genuine seekers of health and vitality.

    That's why I wanted Qi Mushrooms to raise the bar on quality, with mushrooms that are designed to provide high levels of therapeutic support.

  • The History of Medicinal Mushrooms Tells A Compelling Story

    And it deserves a new chapter for the 2020s that honors centuries of dedicated practice and rewards today’s new enthusiasts with the health benefits they seek.

    And that list now enshrines the whole Qi Mushrooms philosophy underpinning every product we ship to the world.


Our 5 Principles To Quality Guarantee

  • 100% Organic

    USDA, Canada, EU Organic

  • Non-GMO Project

    Fully verified from spore to finished product

  • Potent

    Optimized for beta-glucans, terpenes, triterpenes, polyphenols

  • Transparent

    Third-party lab tests posted online

  • Safe

    Tested for heavy metals, pesticides, microbiology

The Heart & SoulOf Qi Mushrooms

The Heart & Soul Of Qi Mushrooms

A Father's Wisdom

A Father's Wisdom

Functional Mushroom Extracts Formulated From Scientific Research

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